Going Public and Dual-Listing in Canada

Benefits of going public

Have you thought of listing your company on a stock exchange in either Canada, the US or Europe? There are many advantages for a company going public. The financial benefit in the form of raising capital is the most distinct. Capital can be used to fund research and development, fund capital expenditure or even used to pay off existing debt. Another advantage is an increased public awareness of the company and its products, which subsequently may lead to an increase in market share for the company. In addition to an often higher valuation than compared to private companies, making acquisitions with stock is easier and less expensive. Shares and stock options are useful in attracting as well as retaining management and employees. Being listed on a stock exchange gives liquidity and an exit strategy to founders and investors. Added prestige and visibility with customers, suppliers, employees and the financial community are additional benefits.

We at Phoenix Alliance Corp. will assist you and guide you through the Going Public process, so you can focus on your core business without diverting your attention off your daily business.

Are you already listed on a stock exchange outside Canada?

Canada offers an exceptional market place not only for your shares; a dual-listing exposes your company’s products and services to an additional consumer market.

Are you a public company seeking to raise financing?

Canada presents a stable capital market environment and a strong economy. Public companies raise hundreds of millions of $ every year on Canadian stock exchanges.

Advantages of a dual-listing

—  Exposure in two markets widens investor base;

—  Additional market liquidity;

—  Increased transparency for investors through full disclosure;

—  Access to capital in BOTH markets;

—  Supports facilitating foreign acquisitions;

—  Gateway to the entire north American consumer market;

—  300+ international listings on Canadian stock exchanges;

—  Cost efficient and quick dual-listing process.


In Canada, the main choices of going public are the Toronto Stock Exchange, the TSX Venture, and now the CNSX: Canadian National Stock Exchange. We invite you to consider the advantages of CNSX as a destination to take your company public.

Download the brochure or contact our office for more information on our Going Public and Dual-Listing Services.

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