Management Consulting

Phoenix Alliance Corp. offers restructuring and turnaround management consulting, business planning & analysis services, support/consulting in capital market transactions, and IFRS compliance advisory.

          Please visit our Management Consulting page for more information on our strategic advisory services.

Going Public/Dual-Listing Advisory

We provide our expertise and assistance to companies seeking to go public in North America or Europe. We specialize in dual-listing services in Canada and the US. Our company offers complete guidance and support prior, during and post listing process to ensure the success of the transaction.

Please visit our Going Public page for more information on our Going Public and Dual-Listing services.

Corporate Financing

We offer a range of financing facilities through our associate funding partners such as advantageous convertible debt transactions and traditional equity financings via private placements.

Raising capital through convertible debt will provide a number of benefits to companies particularly during the current market condition, including:
- Quick access to capital (30-45 days);
- Less dilution;
- Reasonable transaction costs;
- Minimal documentation needed;
- High level of financing flexibility, i.e. no covenant protection or restrictions of seeking other financing opportunities.

For more information, please view the following document.

Investor Relations Services

The team at Phoenix Alliance Corp. delivers value by developing and executing tailored strategic communication strategies that substantially increase the clients' shareholder value.
Our Investor Relations program will help deliver the following:
- An improved understanding of the company’s story within the financial community;
- An increase in your market capitalization;
- A reasonable level of liquidity in its shares;
- Easier access to capital in the future;
- A fair market valuation for the company;
- A strong dedicated mix of investors both institutional & retail.

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